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8 Bits to Infinity's PLATFORMER WEEK ! ! ! 

Weekly Game Jam 's WGJ #86 ! ! !

Theme: "Darkness"

Just jump around until you escape the never-ending darkness that consumes the stages. Beware the scary monsters of the dark. Don't let them push you around!...or maybe do? 

Will you conserve your sanity?


A - move left 

D - move right.

Space  - jump

Couldn't add GamePad support, very sorry!


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Hey quite a fun game! I'm sure it was a design choice, however I feel that not being able to see the platforms caused me to stop and killed the pacing. But good job bro!


Hey Cromto, thank you so much for checking my lil game out. I totally get what you mean. Hopefully one of my future games will keep you more engaged. Thank you so much for the feedback!!

Watch Platformer Week (game jam) | !jam !queue from MrJoshuaMcLean on


I like the idea of jumping all the time and having additional bigger jump. It was quite hard to make precise jumps at some point. The music is nice and I like simplistic feel of the game.

Thank you so much for playing and for giving me feedback, it means a lot! :)